Sabrina Guerrero


I wish I could start out my bio discussing how I knew all along that photography was meant for me but that's simply not the case. I had no idea that my hobby would become my career. To say that I've worn many hats before (flight attendant, 911 operator, cake decorator, hair stylist and makeup artist) would be an understatement, but aside from being a wife to Jesse and mom to Christian and Lucy, I would say being a photographer has been my favorite. In my second year of business I was voted Best of Lufkin and for once, I knew that without a doubt I had landed upon the career that was meant for me.

I would describe my sessions as fun, friendly, energetic and spontaneous. While I am an East Texas native, I love to travel any and everywhere which is why our location shoots are near and dear to my heart. New York City is my favorite place in the world. I love classic, timeless things. At the same time, I enjoy out of the box and creative ideas. Together, those two loves work together to create a look that is unique to SG Photography & Crew. If I'm not working I am spending time with my family, planning any kind of fun adventure to do with my kids or just relaxing at home.

My favorite shoots are creative styled shoots and senior portraits. I enjoy the challenge of bringing out the authenticity in each of my seniors and am hooked on the feeling of capturing the "perfect" shot.

Hannah Ray


I've always considered myself a creative person, rather than being expressed through dancing, singing, or fashion. In high school I started to show an appreciation for photography. I began by following various photography accounts on social media, and when the opportunity for me to take pictures myself arose, I joined yearbook. Being involved in yearbook really opened my eyes and showed me just how much I enjoyed being behind the camera. From then on I knew that photography was going to be something I was passionate about.

In January of last year I had actually announced that I was going to pursue photography on my own. Sabrina and I had followed each other for a while and talked here and there, but one day she asked me how business was going and I laid it all out to her. Although I loved taking pictures I wasn't able to devote as much time to my photography as I had wanted because of school, my regular job, and trying to maintain my social life left me with little time to book, shoot, and edit sessions. The message she sent me next has quite literally changed my life, she invited me to become a part of her team as a second photographer. I felt like a celebrity had just asked me to work for them! I'm so thankful for the journey it took to be where I am now and I can't wait to see where my future with SG Photography leads me.

My favorite sessions are individual portraits because I really get to focus on the person and make them shine. I love editorial, creative, out of the box concepts and I'm always willing to take on a challenge. I'm so happy to be doing what I love and excited about the moments I'll share with you all.

Xoxo, Hannah