Rep Team Application

Things to Know Before Applying:

After submitting your application, we will begin going through our applications and scheduling sit down meetings with rep applicants and a parent or guardian. A parent or guardian is REQUIRED to attend if selected for a sit down meeting in order to be considered. If accepted, the one time rep fee is due upon acceptance and that secures the applicants spot on our rep team until they graduate high school.

Rep Fees

  • Class of 2025 - a one time rep fee of $500 due upon acceptance
  • Class of 2026 - a one time rep fee of $600 due upon acceptance
  • Class of 2027 - a one time rep fee of $700 due upon acceptance



What is included for our reps?

If selected as a rep on our model team, you have opportunities to participate in numerous creative styled shoots shot throughout each year as well as travel destination shoot opportunities if interested. Our reps receive one complimentary individual session each year and receives a generous discount rate on any additional individual sessions outside of the styled shoots they participate in and their yearly complimentary individual session. This especially comes in handy their senior year. The rep family receives a discounted rate on family sessions until the rep contract expires (when they graduate High School)

What do we look for in our reps?

We look for fun, creative teens who are active in their community, schools and on social media and who will be involved and active as a member of our model team and participate in as many styled shoots as you can. We look for teens who love to meet new people, who love to have their photos taken, and enjoy trying new things and new ideas. We personally love to travel and to shoot in new places, so we love to travel with our rep families to fun new places however the ability to travel is not required in order to be considered or accepted to our team. As a rep on our model team, your "job" is simply to participate in our styled shoots, meet new friends from other schools, take amazing photos, and share them on social media and with your friends and family!